Pinterest Opens Up Ads

17 March 2016
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17 March 2016, Comments Comments Off on Pinterest Opens Up Ads

Pinterest has released a set of new advertising management tools that were previously unavailable for smaller businesses as its portfolio of advertising products — and revenue potential — continues to grow.

All these tools continue to give smaller and medium-sized businesses new opportunities to manage advertisements on Pinterest. Around three-fourths of the content on Pinterest comes from businesses already, and these kinds of tools help them better get the right ads in front of the right people to drive conversions. And, of course, if smaller and medium-sized businesses are buying more ads, it drives more to Pinterest’s top line.

Pinterest’s ads manager gives potential advertisers the tools that have already been available to partners for bulk-editing campaigns and more closely monitoring the success of those campaigns, as well as the ability to buy ads with a credit card to other advertisers on Pinterest as opposed to more complex mechanisms.

In addition to releasing the ads manager, Pinterest is releasing some new tools for advertising targeting. First, the company is expanding the number of interests that advertisers can target against — there are now 420 of them that allow Pinterest advertisers to drill down their campaigns and make them better target potential customers. They can also target keywords in addition to interests, in the hopes of catching them at different moments in time at which they are considering purchasing things.

Pinterest offers a wide array of advertising tools, ranging from ads that advertisers can pay for depending on the engagement of the pin (from expanding the size of it all the way to clicking through and making a purchase) to its own spin on video advertisements that run a short clip as users scroll down on their feeds. That’s made the platform increasingly attractive to advertisers, who have been waiting for Pinterest to give them full access and tools to manage their campaigns on Pinterest.

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