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Pinterest For Business

Pinterest helps people discover the things they want to plan, buy and do. Pinterest connects people through shared interests—their passions, hobbies, tastes and values. Pinterest is a platform that allows users to share and save content to virtual collections called boards. The platform has a unique demographic in that the vast majority of its more than 100 million active users are female. Pinterest is currently the fastest growing social network and is rapidly expanding into all lines of business which can benefit from visual communication.

Pinterest For Business Features:

  • Verify your business location & website
  • Create relevant Pinterest boards that promotes your businesses products and services.
  • Browser dashboard "Add a Pin" button

    Pinning on Pinterest:

  • Place pins: Place pins are a special kind of rich pin that allows users to create a map with the content they share.
  • Article pins: Just because Pinterest is highly visual in nature, doesn't mean it's not a good place to share written content.
  • Product pins: Product pins make shopping via Pinterest a lot easier. Unlike a regular pin, these Rich Pins show where the product you're pinning can be purchased, the current price and a direct link to the product page.
  • Recipe pins: Pinterest is already a huge hub for foodies, and you can find just about any recipe imaginable on the site.
  • Movie pins: Great for film buffs, these Rich Pins show more details about the movies you pin.
  • App pins: Pinterest's newest addition to the rich-pins family allows you to share and download apps directly from the platform. Currently, app pins only work in the United States, and with iOS apps

    We set up your Pinterest business profile and optimize it with the right business information, keywords, images, boards, and pins to take advantage of the multiple SEO benefits of Pinterest.

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