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    Affordable Social Media Marketing For Your Small Business

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What do our clients think about Affordable Social Marketing?

You have already heard our part of the story. Find out why some of our clients chose Affordable Social Marketing over some of the other Social Media Management options available that are out there.

Sean Rabiola - American Realty Network - Chicago IL

Ultimately, I decided to go with you because your prices are affordable. I spoke with another company that wanted $300 per month.  I'm sure they may offer a great service, but $300 buys me 3 months of your service, compared to their 1 month. This is something that takes time, so I figured it would be better investment to go somewhere that I could continue a business relationship with for a longer period of time. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Helen Riveron - EWIMA HealthCare - Chicago IL

John and his staff have been running our websites for years. When they introduced social media marketing programs we immediately jumped on board. They really understand the dynamics of how local SEO and social media integrate. They know what small to mid size local businesses need. When we want something done they just jump on it.

Kathy Frolich - Kathy's Lakeside Inn - Forest Lake IL

John and his staff have been handling all of my web services for years. They really understand what a restaurant needs to do to stay up on things. I'm not computer literate at all so their services have been a godsend for us. One call and they take care of everything for us. One less thing for me to worry about.

Roy Smith - Hollywood Lifestyles - Bolingbrook, Illinois

I want to thank you and commend you on all your hard work today. I checked my twitter and Facebook accounts and it looks so much better! The content is great! The pics are awesome! And I really appreciate you starting immediately as well. I will certainly be recommending you highly! Anyways thanks a million, I'm certainly impressed because we are already converting visitors into sales!

Daniel Diaz - Glover Insurance Group - Norwalk, Connecticut

They know how to dial right in on the subject, product, or business they are trying to promote for you. They don't waste anytime. They get right at it and start delivering the type of image and results we were looking for.

Gabriel McCray - HMT Advisors - Seattle, Washington

You really are the best at what you do! Thanks for taking the time to work one on one with me while helping to craft the image I want to portray for my business.

Jack Venturi - Best Choice Life Insurance - Chicago, Illinois

I have been working with John and his staff for over a decade. They are really good at everything they do which creates a lot of value for their customers.


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