What we see when we visit neighborhood businesses

21 April 2014
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21 April 2014, Comments 0

As we begin to visit neighborhood shops and businesses in the greater Chicago area we have begun see a couple of immediate trends emerging. The first would be that the majority of the businesses who take the time to update their social media pages daily are much more successful than the ones that don’t. We understand that small business marketing success isn’t 100% about participating in social media. We do know that it is completely related to being consistent in promoting the business in some way every single day. If you do that over time you and your business are going to get somewhere.

Affordable Social Marketing helps small businesses achieve excellence and consistency in an area that is growing more and more important each day. If you aren’t out there in social media on a consistent basis you are not communicating well enough with your customers. You just aren’t part of the neighborhood discussion and that neighborhood is no longer solely defined by geography. That neighborhood is now defined by varied interests and an interwoven network of friend to friend communication that can open up doors you really never dreamed of before. Tapping into that network means more business for your business.


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